Andrea C., Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA

We have known Alejandro for many years, both in his capacity as front-desk manager of a major hotel and as the concierge in a large condominium complex. He has helped us with many problems, large and small. For example: when we were in Mazatlan just before Holy Week, he showed us the new traffic patterns for the city and advised us when to go out – and when not to. He helped us find whatever we needed (including hearing-aid batteries!), and gave us great suggestions as to how to improve our stay in Mazatlan.

The best description I can give of Alejandro is that he is responsible, serious, and reliable. He is a young man who is eager to work hard to make life better for his clients, friends, and family. And it’s hard to be a client and not become a friend! He’s delightful to be around and is always looking for ways to help others.

Based on our experience with Alejandro, it’s easy to say that you can depend on him to manage your property. He’ll help you when you’re in Mazatlan, and let you leave with no worries – if your property is being cared for by him, it’s in good hands.

Ian & Wilma Tyson

Alejandro was the concierge at Paraiso Costa Bonita II when we rented a unit for our christmas vacation last December 2014. Alejandro was a very knowledgeable and helpful to our needs. We were so impressed with the beauty and the staff of the Paraiso II that we purchased a unit. After we acquired the unit, Alejandro started a Property Management business and Inmediately we call Alejandro and hired him go manage our condo.

Its been 6 months and Alejandro showed only his great responsibility and honesty in managing our property. He supervised and hire a local contractor for the renovation of our unit. The project is finished and Alejandro did an AMAZING JOB! . Also he sends us a monthly detailed statement of account and email us regularly. If you want a humble, trustworthy and responsible Property Manager hire Alejandro, we highly recommend him.

Blain Gowing

I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks for the great service that Marlene and I have received over the spring, summer and fall as you have taken care of our condo.

The monthly financial statement of receipts and disbursements has been timely and accurate and transferring pesos to your CiBanco account to stay current has been effortless. We appreciate you taking action during your monthly checks on our condo and arranging services that were required. The most important thing about the way you are offering A la Carter services is that we have been able to pick and choose the things that we need looked after and have reduced our monthly operating costs substantially.

Your comprehensive service package is extremely competitive but for those of us who can take care of certain things on our own, it is great to have the option to save. Good luck in the coming season and you can certainly count on our endorsement of APM as an excellent Property Management Company. Kind regards. Blain and Marlene

Debra Scheumann

Change what ever sounds better!

Six years ago my husband and I purchased a magnificent condo in Paraiso II in Mazatlan Mexico. We bought the unit with the intent of a retirement home after are kids were out of the home and until then spend short trips and rent the unit part of the time. Last spring we chose to put the unit on the market due to continued incompetence in property managers hired through the years. We have always been very confident of the staff at Paraiso II and one of those employees was Alejandro. After we listed the property for sale, we also found out that Alejandro started his own property management company, APM. The decision was made to hire him until the property was sold.

I have had almost three decades of teaching business and working in developing countries so I have always been aware of the challenges. Despite hiring three different property managers, owning property in Mazatlan became a tremendous bourdon. Literally, everything changed overnight with our negative issues experienced with the various property managers. APM changed our attitude from being very negative to very positive because of APM. I would put APM in the same category with some of my best business students in some top US companies. Alejandro,mother founder, presents himself extremely well professionally; is committed to the highest ethics in business; has excellent communication skills; reflects integrity; is hard working and committed to the best possible customer services. APM is becoming a sought after property management company which will take all of your fears and concerns of owning property in a foreign country and give you the utmost confidence that your property is being managed by the best.

Because of APM, we are taking our property off of the market and once again enjoy the splendor this marvelous city and especially, our home at Paraiso II has given us. Please feel free to call me with any questions, or concerns I could answer, or email me at specialad2@yahoo.com.

Kurt & Frances Walz

We, as well as others have known Alejandro for a few years now. It has been our privilege to get to know him better this past year since we have bought our beautiful home in Mazatlan. Had we not known Alejandro and trusted him explicitly with taking care of our casa, it is doubtful we would have made the purchase.

We have been coming to Mazatlan for twenty years and love the people and the city so much. With being able to leave our worries in Alejandro's capable hands we feel most confident that everything will be looked after as if we were there. He does everything in his power to make us feel that he loves his job as property manager and I'm convinced that he does, or he wouldn't be able to do such a great job. He is extremely professional in his handling of all the details such as paying the bills, doing the banking and keeping me happy with near weekly photos of our wonderful garden :) . In short, I guess it would be safe to say that in our hearts lejandro has become an adopted son in our adopted new city of Mazatlan!! We would highly recommend Alejandro as property manager to anyone who is honest and sincere in their business dealings. You won't be disappointed.


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